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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The benefits of Lymphatic Massage stem from its ability to enhance the function of the Lymphatic System which in turn aids the immune system.
Lymph is a fluid rich in white blood cells that fights viruses and bacteria removing all the bodies’ waste products via the lymph nodes and relevant filter stations and eventually returning to the circulatory system.

Lymphatic drainage Massage uses a light non-invasive touch of rhythmical pumping actions to improve lymph circulation; increased lymph flow will promote a system that will perform at its optimum ability, creating a better sense of well being and vitality.

With enhanced lymphatic flow toxins and infectious materials are more effectively removed from the tissues, supporting the immune system and promoting healing.

Lymphatic drainage can be beneficial to those with Lymphedema, recovering from cancer, surgery or sports related injury. It relieves fluid congestion, oedema and toxic build up, promotes healing clears recurring infections and helps reduce stress anxiety and tension.

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