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Oncology Massage

Many people with cancer wonder whether complementary therapies such as massage can help in the treatment of or during the recovery stages of their illness.

Oncology (comfort orientated) Massage focuses on the quality of human touch. So often during the treatment of cancer the pleasure of being touched in a comforting and soothing manner is lost.

Oncology Massage has been proven to lower anxiety, decrease pain improve energy and decrease nausea, and it can also help with neuropathy (nerve damage or disturbance) and improve patterns of sleep. It offers a moment when peace and relaxation can become one and provide the opportunity for the individual to reconnect with their physical emotional and spiritual self.

Oncology Massage can be received during any stage of cancer treatment. It is a non-invasive massage given in a peaceful and harmonious environment, the recipient can be fully or partially clothed the treatment involves the gentle placing of hands or strokes on the body.

There is no direct pressure involved and the massage will not increase lymphatic circulation any more than the activities of normal daily life.

Initial consultation can be free of charge and all past history taken into account.

All massage treatments are designed to suit the individual client's needs and wishes at the time.

Jude is listed on the register of Oncology Massage training web site which is endorsed by the Quest for Life Foundation.

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